Engineering Design

Envisioning client dreams thru craftsmen's hands.
Engineering is about reliability.

We focused on technically complex projects

TRADESMAN engineering is focused on building systems that are right for each project. We begin by understanding the project needs, resources, life expectancy, and service expectations. Without that knowledge an engineer can’t design the right solution for each project. We bring practical solutions and present the owner with facts so they can get their project built efficiently.


Life Cycle Analysis

Each system selection should be based on the best life cycle cost. Developing that cost model is complicated. The true impacts of different systems have cascading first costs and operational costs that need to be identified.

Innovative Solutions

We never stop at the conservative approach, but work with each discipline to understand the best solution moving forward. We propose creative systems that work for your project. Reliability is important, but understanding functionality and cost effective solutions is key.

Cost Estimates

We work closely with contractors and cost estimators to understand the initial and operational costs of systems. Knowledge of the LOCAL contractor expertise and comfort with solutions will identify surprises before they impact the project.

TRADESMAN performs engineering in house and through its partners. Our construction experience allows us to understand complex issues and solve them for our clients. We know how to ensure engineering systems are built safely and reliably without adding extra cost to the project. This knowledge allow us to keep projects in budget and moving forward.

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We work closely with clients to gain an understanding of your desires both philoso phical and practical.

architectural studios is a boutique design firm with a focus on the craft of integrated construction and design. Local TRADESMAN focused on LOCALLY crafted designs.

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