Kendra Isaak, AIA

Senior Architect


Kendra brings a wealth of architectural and worldly experience to every project. Her expertise in programing and building code knowledge ensures the foundational space program is right at the start. As a commissioner for the Oklahoma City Building Code Commission, Kendra understands municipal process and how to apply the Universal Building Codes.  This ensures projects work smoothly through permitting and fewer chances for rework to be required. Accessibility, green building, and fair access are natural attributes in her design process. Kendra approaches every project with a personal experience of how her family would use the space, thus ensuring an enjoyable and accessible space for all.


Senior Architect, TRADESMAN architectural studios
Project Manager & Architect, FSB Architects & Engineers
Architect, Shalom Baranes Associates, Washington DC
Architect, OTJ Architects, Washington DC
Architect, STUDIO Architecture


Architectural Layout90%
Project Management80%
Building Code Knowledge100%
Accessible Design90%

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architectural studios is a boutique design firm with a focus on the craft of integrated construction and design. Local TRADESMAN focused on LOCALLY crafted designs.

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