Residential Colleges

ClientThe University of Oklahoma
TypeMaster Plan / University Housing

Residential Colleges

The University of Oklahoma dedicated the Residential Colleges, Dunham College and Headington College, which serve as living-learning communities and the cornerstone of the undergraduate experience, in 2017. “The Residential Colleges will enrich the academic life of the campus and will help create lasting bonds between residents and a special sense of community” said President David Boren. Patterned after those at Harvard, Yale, Oxford and Cambridge, OU is the first university in the state and one of the first public universities in the nation to adopt the residential college model. The Residential Colleges provide an intimate and supportive community designed to promote the social, intellectual and personal growth of OU undergraduates.

The Residential Colleges increased the availability of campus housing, allowing upper-division students who wish to continue living on campus the opportunity to do so. Research in higher education demonstrates that students who live on campus earn better grades, are more likely to graduate and are more likely to pursue graduate studies. Research also shows that students living in residential colleges gain valuable leadership experience that helps them manage time more effectively and better equips them for the competitive job market.

The Residential College facilities include student living spaces, study lounges, dining areas, faculty offices and apartments, classrooms, seminar rooms, a music room, a meditation room, a library, creative commons and storm shelters. Courtyards and outdoor spaces enhance the community feel of each Residential College. John Semtner served as project manager during the master planning stage and mechanical engineer for design & construction as his previous firm.

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